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I don't see why Thunar would be replaced. Whilst Xfce lets its users
cherry-pick the packages they want (so that you can use Xfce with
another file manager, unlike other DEs), Thunar is a core element of
the Xfce experience. Thunar is about the same things as Xfce: simple,
modular, functional. In Xfce I believe we all care about user
experience, about making intuitive and uncluttered interfaces and
letting people opt in for complexity. Last time I had a look at LXDE,
it had very different values. If I had to look at how Pcmanfm works
and engage in discussions on how consistent its UI is, whether it
offers the UX we want for the typical Xfce user's typical tasks, it
would probably end up being very close to Thunar. Yet the developers
(whose time is critically precious these days) would have to use a
different codebase written with a different toolkit, and in the end
produce a larger (more deps), less consistent desktop to integrate
into distros.

Hence if anybody ever cares about my opinion on Thunar, I'd say "let's
fix the bugs, polish it a bit further but let's NOT replace it ever".
I like Thunar.


2014-10-25 20:35 GMT+01:00 Tim Tassonis <timtas at cubic.ch>:
> On October 25, 2014 9:01:52 PM Ricardo Biehl <rbpoficial at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The last email to Thunar-dev(mailing list) was sent in March of this year.
>> The Thunar is a important file manager on Xfce project and develop can't
>> stopped because yet are there many bugs and missing features compared with
>> others files manager. I open this discussion to who want talk about the
>> Thunar development.
> I would propose switching to pcmanfm as file manager. It seems to have all
> the required features, seems faster than thunar and under active
> development. Have been using it in xfce forva year now on a daily basis with
> no problems.
> Kind regards
> Tim
>> Big hug.
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