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André Miranda andreldm1989 at
Sat Nov 22 19:32:18 CET 2014

On 11/22/2014 03:12 PM, Steve Dodier-Lazaro wrote:
> (...)
> We have a wiki, we should make use of it to document all the packages
> we want to see shipped in the future. Then they can be built component
> by component and the components released as they progress. If people
> are craving for version number changes we can bump the Xfce version
> number every 2 or 3 or even every time we achieve something. We don't
> have enough members yet to work on many things at the same time
> efficiently so I think it's better if we all collaborate on one or two
> small work packages at a time, and achieve steady progress.

That's where the problem lies. It doesn't matter if we design an 
elaborated release plan, which in fact we have[1] (and I think it's 
excessively complex). The core developers aren't active as they once 
were(I know you guys have a life to take care), but our biggest problem 
is that we are unable to get new people involved and working effectively.

As I've already state, in my perspective, the lack of regular releases 
is the major cause for the project stagnation. It's a cycle: no new 
releases -> unmotivated people-> fewer people working -> less 
features/fixes to release.

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