RFC: Add keyboard backlight brightness handling to power-manager

Carl Simonson simonsonc at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 03:04:26 CET 2014


Those are good ideas.

All that I have changed so far is changing the brightness when keyboard
buttons are pressed. There are no settings saved, or user interfaces to
control the level.

Since I hadn't really considered the UI to begin with, would there be a
better place for this code? It seemed like a natural place since that where
the display brightness changer is.

Carl Simonson
simonsonc at gmail.com

On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 8:36 PM, Steve Dodier-Lazaro <sidnioulz at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> Whilst to me the location of the backend matters little, shouldn't one
> expect that users will look for keyboard brightness settings in the
> keyboard settings? I had a quick glance at your code (can't build/test
> stuff on the lappy right now) and it seems to me that you're using only the
> xfpm settings UI. What about a patch against keyboard-settings with a
> clickable link that'd open the xfpm settings (and appear only if xfpm is
> running/runnable)?
> 2014-03-26 22:14 GMT+00:00 Carl Simonson <simonsonc at gmail.com>:
>> All,
>> I have been working on a way to have xfce4-power-manager handle keyboard
>> backlight brightness buttons. Some things it does:
>> * It will listen to keyboard brightness up/down keys from your keyboard
>> * It displays a libnotify popup showing the brightness level (a la
>> sound/display brightness)
>> * Changes brightness by sending D-Bus messages to UPower
>> Please have a look and see if it seems like something that should be
>> included into mainline. You can check my kdb-backlight branch in github at:
>>     https://github.com/simonsonc/xfce4-power-manager/tree/kbd-backlight
>> Thanks,
>> Carl Simonson
>> simonsonc at gmail.com
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