Donating to Xfce through Bug Bounties

Simon Steinbeiß simon at
Fri Jul 25 12:35:21 CEST 2014

Hi everyone,

Recently Eric and I have been setting up Xfce on[1] and
we've finally reached a stage where I think we can go public.

For a while the Xfce developer community was striving to establish
a non-profit Foundation, a process that stalled for years mostly due to the
bureaucratic nature of the enterprise. (In comparison, setting up the
account on bountysource was a breeze.)

To get to the point: we see bountysource[2] as an easy way to offer
the community with a way to financially support Xfce. There are two
avenues a backer can choose from.
1) Set a bounty on a specific bug (we've pulled in all the reports for
many components already, so you can easily find them on
2) Back the Xfce team

The latter option means that the members of the Xfce team can decide on
which bugs they want to spend the donated funds.

Just to be clear, our main motivation is not to make money from
contributing to Xfce, but to lure new contributors into hacking on
Xfce. As development has slowed down a bit lately, Xfce definitely
needs new maintainers and developers, especially as we focus on the
bugs that are blocking a 4.12 release[3][4].

If you're a user and your favorite part of Xfce does not yet show up on
bountysource [5], feel free to tell us! If you're a developer and
haven't received an invitation email yet, accept my sincere apologies
and get in touch! (I'm still in the process of sending them out by the
way, but yeah, lack of free time as always and other distractions...)

So, spread the word, back the project, and let's get people to



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