Contributing to Xfce4 developmenet

Adam ablack at
Wed Jan 8 21:35:34 CET 2014

I've been using Xfce for 5+ years and I want to get some industry
equivalent experience with C++, I use a combination of python and .NET
as part of my job but I've got some prior experience with C++, although
I'm far from an expert.

A while ago I wanted to make a simple change to the XFCE power manager
but got stuck early on trying to load the gtk project in 
glade to make the necessary UI tweaks and I remember not being able to
find a solution, and I couldn't get much advice from the mailing list

If I want to try again to get involved with xfce is there any
documentation regarding getting a development environment up and
running. doesn't really mention anything
links or resources for developers.

I would be glad to start looking at some bugs but I'm not sure where to



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