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We cannot referrer to the browser name, since this is a translatable
string [in the desktop files], so therefore the desktop file name is
used as this is unique. That said, yes there is a directory of desktop
files shipped with the exo package with all 'known' browsers, editors
and terminals because there is a lot of difference in the way
applications are spawn with arguments.

To give an example for terminals:
xterm uses: xterm -e @args
xfce4-terminal uses xterm -x @args

This is not standardized in the .desktops files shipped with the
application in situations like this, so there is no other option than
collecting this our selfs.


On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 3:51 PM, Jerry Bond <stormyjerry at> wrote:
> Hi List --
> I posted this question twice on the Forum without result, so am turning to
> you.
> In MX-14, we are now (approaching RC 1) using QupZilla as default browser
> because of its high function:size ratio and have selected it under Preferred
> Applications.  We are trying to code for a GUI entry "Restore Default
> Browser defaults," and we are having trouble generalizing it to read the
> name of the selected default browser.  I see ~/.config/xfce4/helpers.rc,
> where I read:  WebBrowser=custom-WebBrowser, and I also see that a new
> desktop file has been placed inside ~/.local.
> When the user selects a browser, any browser, under Preferred Applications,
> why doesn't the name just simply show up in the helpers.rc file as long as
> there is an executable and a desktop file?  Is there a master list of
> known/named/approved browsers somewhere that we can edit so the helpers.rc
> file will include the actual browser name?
> Thanks for any help.
> Jerry
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