Jerry Bond stormyjerry at
Tue Feb 25 15:51:05 CET 2014

Hi List --

I posted this question twice on the Forum without result, so am turning 
to you.

In MX-14, we are now (approaching RC 1) using QupZilla as default 
browser because of its high function:size ratio and have selected it 
under Preferred Applications.  We are trying to code for a GUI entry 
"Restore Default Browser defaults," and we are having trouble 
generalizing it to read the name of the selected default browser.  I see 
~/.config/xfce4/helpers.rc, where I read: WebBrowser=custom-WebBrowser, 
and I also see that a new desktop file has been placed inside ~/.local.

When the user selects a browser, any browser, under Preferred 
Applications, *why doesn't the name just simply show up in the 
helpers.rc file* as long as there is an executable and a desktop file?  
Is there a master list of known/named/approved browsers somewhere that 
we can edit so the helpers.rc file will include the actual browser name?

Thanks for any help.


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