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killermoehre at gmx.net killermoehre at gmx.net
Sun Dec 7 21:20:25 CET 2014

7. Dezember 2014 14:35 Uhr, "Lukas F. Hartmann" <lukas at mnt.mn> schrieb: 
> Dear XFCE4 devs,
> I chose XFCE4 as my primary desktop environment on Debian Testing when I
> installed it on an Apple rMBP about 4 weeks ago. I'm very happy with the
> speed and usability, but I had to make a custom high-resolution WM theme
> for it to be really enjoyable on a 140 DPI setting. The 13" monitor has
> a resolution of 2560x1600. The WM theme has extra large titlebar buttons
> and thicker borders to make resizing more comfortable (it's really hard
> to aim at a 1px border at this resolution).
> Because there is no HiDPI theme in the XFCE default theme choices, a
> friend suggested that I inform you of my theme's existence. In case this
> is interesting for you, I would draw the remaining titlebar buttons (I
> currently only use C, H, M) and do any suggested cleanups that are
> required for inclusion in XFCE.
> Here is the theme including a screenshot:
> https://github.com/mntmn/xfce4-hidpi-theme
> Cheers,
> Lukas (mntmn)

Hello Lukas,

nice theme. But I think the proper solution for this would be that xfwm4 scales the theme pixmaps in proportion to the DPI settings. HiDPI screens are more and more common nowadays, so this will give a better user experience.
Maybe adding SVG-support would be advisable, too, to avoid blurry images from hard scaling.


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