HiDPI theme

Lukas F. Hartmann lukas at mnt.mn
Sun Dec 7 14:28:21 CET 2014

Dear XFCE4 devs,

I chose XFCE4 as my primary desktop environment on Debian Testing when I
installed it on an Apple rMBP about 4 weeks ago. I'm very happy with the
speed and usability, but I had to make a custom high-resolution WM theme
for it to be really enjoyable on a 140 DPI setting. The 13" monitor has
a resolution of 2560x1600. The WM theme has extra large titlebar buttons
and thicker borders to make resizing more comfortable (it's really hard
to aim at a 1px border at this resolution).

Because there is no HiDPI theme in the XFCE default theme choices, a
friend suggested that I inform you of my theme's existence. In case this
is interesting for you, I would draw the remaining titlebar buttons (I
currently only use C, H, M) and do any suggested cleanups that are
required for inclusion in XFCE.

Here is the theme including a screenshot:

Lukas (mntmn)

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