Datetime Setter for Xfce

Edoardo Maria Elidoro edoardo.elidoro at
Thu Sep 5 09:30:45 CEST 2013

Ok, great, I just found out that there's something wrong with
--with-gtk3 option.
I re-downloaded everything, re-did the checkout and the autogen with
these options:
Build Configuration:

* Installation prefix:       /usr/local
* Debug Support:             full
* gtk3 Support:              yes
* Xrandr support:            yes
* UPower support:            yes
* Libnotify support:         yes
* Xcursor support:           yes
* Embedded settings dialogs  no
* Sounds settings support    no
* Libxklavier support:       yes
* Mime settings (gio-unix):  yes
* Datetime settings support: yes

Now type "make" to compile.
And here's an error showing up:
Should I remove -Werror from the Makefile and try again?

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