[RFC] Patch to change xfce4-terminal's background opacity preference to a 0-100 integer

Bryan DeGrendel bryan at degrendel.com
Wed May 1 22:11:38 CEST 2013

Hello all,

I've created a patch that changes the xfce4-terminal's background opacity
preference from a 0-1 double to a 0-100 integer (in line with the dropdown
opacity).  It's a straight forward change, but I'm RFC because of a few
minor questions and because this patch is the entirety of experience
programming with GTK or XFCE.

Specific thoughts:

1. This patch resets existing user opacity settings to 0 (or 1, which still
effectively completely transparent).  A workaround might be creating a new
setting, which would reset the opacity to a more reasonable default.
 Alright to write this off as the cost of progress, or is there a way to
migrate the setting?

2. The label for the setting is "Transparency" though it measure opacity.
 Inverting the horizontal bar is more technically correct but feels weird.
My inclination is to leave this alone for now, as it's only bothersome if
you really think about it, plus a change will require updated translations.

3. I'll update the preference box to include a '%' after the slider in the
future if this is accepted.

3. Unrelated to this patch, but at a quick glance it appears the setting is
applied twice when using a background image.  Once to the image itself
(possibly incorrect), and once to the entire screen image.  I'll file a
bug/fix once I've looked at it more closely, or if someone clarify that I'm
miss reading the code.

Bryan DeGrendel
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