gnome_url_show() alternative

Jeroen van Aart jeroen at
Sat Jun 8 06:31:13 CEST 2013

Jonas Kulla wrote:
>> Considering the plugin is part of the core xfce apps I will assume it's
>> the appropriate way to do it. I also found out about exo_execute_preferred_
>> **application() however I didn't feel like including another library.
> Why not? Exo is part of core xfce, so you'll always have it present.

You're right, I phrased it incorrectly. I had to include another header 
file and edit makefiles to get exo library to work and at the moment I 
didn't feel like doing that. Also I felt that linking against an extra 
library wasn't such a good idea as opposed to running an external 
command the way the weather plugin does.


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