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Fri Jul 26 09:18:52 CEST 2013

Hi Natanael, being not a programmer I can't help with the code but my
feedback is that this tool would be greatly appreciated and I am
promoting your project with the italian Xfce community on Gplus that I
help maintain...Hopefully someone could be helpful and submit some

Thanks for your work,


2013/7/25 Natanael Copa <ncopa at alpinelinux.org>:
> Hi,
> I have long time wanted a lightweight bluetooth manager.
> gnome-bluetooth has done the job til now, but I have never liked all
> the gnome deps it pulled in. blueman have been there but its python
> (which tends to eat more memory than I like).
> now that bluez-5 is out, and gnome-bluetooth is dead, I had a look at
> writing a manager.
> Since this is mostly some dialogs and glue to the dbus interface, I
> have picked vala for the job so far. It makes both dbus binding and gui
> coding easy, without adding too much overhead. Once it works I might
> consider to port it to C, or parts of it. (the agent will probably en
> up as C to save memory).
> So far I have a preferences dialog with:
>  - power enable/disable
>  - discoverable enable/disable
>  - a list of devices
> Screenshot:
> http://imgur.com/1iTsEK9
> The buttons to right does not work yet. The idea was to have +, - and
> properties buttons like in the panel preferences, but i'm open to other
> ideas.
> I also need some way to select which bluetooth adapter, in case there
> are many. I was thinking of a combobox like when selecting soundcard in
> the xfce mixer application.
> I would appreciate feedback, specially on how the gui should look/work.
> The code is here:
> https://github.com/ncopa/xfce-bluetooth
> Patches are welcome.
> -nc
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