How to get into xfce/gtk development?

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Le 4 janv. 2013 00:29, "Roland Pinto" <rolandjpinto at> a écrit :
> Hi,
> I just started learning C on my own (using a book called C
> programming: A modern approach)and will be learning it at university
> this semester. I want to get into gtk development. More specifically
> help out with Xfce. I have to say it feels a little overwhelming to
> get into all of that C code with all the glib,gobject,dbus,gtk stuff.
> So, I would like  to know what would be best way learn all of this?
> How did you guys pick this up? Any tips and things I should know
> about?

This has already been covered several times in the past on this list, but
i'll make a short reply :
- you only need glib/gtk knowledge for starters, and reading code +
reporting to the corresponding glib/gtk doc (use devhelp) to know what each
function does. Gobject & dbus are optional
- pick an area of code that seems to need love, and try to fix one of he
numerous bugs reported against it.
- Panel plugins are a good example, and their code is quite easy to
- pick a bug that affected you on, read the
corresponding code and the past commits to it. That'll get you comfortable
with git, then you can try to modify the code to fix bugs
- it might seem boring to fix bugs, but it's as rewarding as
adding/proposing new features, and it's often easier

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