A big thanks and three requests for Xfce 4.12

Liviu Andronic landronimirc at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 16:50:40 CET 2013

Dear Pjotr,

On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 11:48 AM, P.K. <pliniusminor at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1. The default double-click time (the maximum interval between two
> mouseclicks for them to be recognized as a double-click) is (imho) too
> short: 250 ms. Increasing the default to 350 ms would prevent a lot of
> frustration, for elderly people in particular, and for beginners who don't
> know how to change the setting. 350 ms seems a more reasonable default to
> me.
> 2. xfwm4 has a mousewheel-rollup feature, which is enabled by default. In my
> opinion it would be better if this feature would be *disabled* by default.
> The mousewheel-rollup feature causes many complaints from people who
> inadvertently perform a rollup of the active window, and then think that
> their application window has suddenly closed. Or they see the rolled-up
> window bar, but don't know how to restore it...
> I've never met anyone who actually uses the mousewheel-rollup on purpose,
> but I've heard many complaints from people about involuntary
> mousewheel-rollups. So changing the default to "disabled" seems an
> improvement to me.
I agree with both suggestions. Regarding (1) I always noticed an issue
with the default double-click in Xfce, and even though I'm not exactly
an inexperienced Linux user, I never understood how to properly solve
the issue. Until your suggestion, I never knew whether I should
increase or decrease the delay. A better default is necessary.

As for (2), I regularly use the mousewheel-rollup feature. However for
a majority of users this feature would feel like a bug (I noticed it
first-hand with other users). It can be frustrating if you roll-up
your 1h long e-mail, don't know how to recover the window and restart
the browser because you think that the app crashed. So indeed it seems
better to disable this by default and put an option in WM Tweaks;
advanced users will easily find and enable this.

If you don't want  either of your suggestions to get lost on the
mailing list, I would suggest that you open separate enhancement
requests on bugzilla.

As for (3), Xfce devels are traditionally very conservative on what
gets accepted into core; that's why have the goodies. In this sense
mainstream distros have a free hand to include this "fancy" menu by
default. (For the record, I like it and configured all my machines to
use it.)


> 3. The Whisker menu (xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin) from Graeme Gott has become
> rather popular: not only it has become the default menu in the Xfce edition
> of Linux Mint, but it's being considered by the Xubuntu devs as well.
> Homepage: http://gottcode.org/xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin/
> I quite like it myself, I must say: the Whisker menu is fast, intuitive and
> modern. User-friendly, no explanation needed. Feels more refined, practical
> and beautiful than the current default Xfce menu, which is a bit outdated,
> in my opinion.
> Maybe it's a good idea to include the Whisker menu in Xfce 4.12, or even
> make it the default for 4.12?
> What do you think?
> Regards, Pjotr.
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