Installing thunar actions plugin

Ondřej Kulatý kulaty.o at
Sat Apr 13 00:09:20 CEST 2013

I would like to fix a bug in thunar-actions-plugin. I have
successfully checked out from Git and compiled both Thunar and
thunar-actions-plugin. I want to have this development versions
separated (from the stable ones in my system) in my home directory, so
before compiling I have launched (in both Thunar and actions plugin):

./configure --prefix=/home/me/somedir

and then compiled and installed with:

make install

I am able to launch Thunar, but there is no option in the Edit menu to
configure custom actions. But I can see thunar actions plugin in
lib/thunarx-2/. What I am doing wrong?

Ondřej Kulatý

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