Andreas Müller schnitzeltony at
Mon Nov 26 06:10:22 CET 2012


I have modified xfce4-settings so that it changes gtk-touchscreen-mode
at runtime. I did this by using the xfconf channel which is already
open [1] (don't worry I won't try to get this into mainline :)

Now my question: If I understand things correctly there must be some
module outside of xfce4-settings which watches for changes in
xsettings/Gtk and notifies all open gtk-objects in case of changes
(xfconf?) . E.g if I add Gtk/TouchscreenMode with Settings-editor and
modify it all objects are informed and change their behavior
instanlty. Which piece of code translates xsettings/Gtk to
I am asking this because I would like to bypass the updating
xsetting.xml or in other words I would like to change global
gtk-settings without changing xsettings.xml.

Hints appreciated - especially if I am on the wrong track.


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