XFWM: Hide titlebar when maximized

ism.a at inode.at ism.a at inode.at
Wed Nov 14 20:48:45 CET 2012

Hello Olivier!

> Well, anyways, opening a new bug and posting the patch there is the only
> way to move forward. Hard to discuss the quality of a patch
> without seeing it. From the description in the original post, it looks
> like a quick hack and not suitable for inclusion upstream.

It's a just a quick hack, that's why I asked if you want this feature
IMHO, it's not suitable for inclusion, as there's no way to disable it, so
you would have to use the window menu (via Alt+F3) to unmaximize it (or
edit frame.c and recompile xfwm to disable it).

> As for adding new options, I understand that most user fail to
> understand why adding new options is a bad things, generally speaking.
> But what may seem at first thought as a simple, tiny change can
> quickly turn into a maintenance burden. And that burden is for me,
> getting worse as time is always an issue.
> The more options, the more code paths, and the less manageable the code
> becomes.
> Users come and go, the core remains, and then it's up to me (as a
> maintainer) to deal with it. So unless you come up and sign for a
> lifetime agreement to maintain your proposed patches for any
> forseeable future, I reserve the right to decide what's goes in and
> what's not.

No, unfortunately I don't have the time to maintain it.
That is why I asked here before I start writing something I don't need and
you don't want.

> As a general comment, if xfce/xfwm4 is not for you, well, sorry, I
> appreciate your comments but I don't have time or inclination to
> accept all patches and implement all features people may think of. One
> of the Xfc ecore goals is to keep things simple, a difficult balance
> between useful features and bloat...
> But again, back to the topic, hard to discuss without seeing the
> patch. At first sight, it looks like maximization without borders, ie a
> lesser fullscreen of some sort. So please, first convince me that
> fullscreen is not what you want, prove me that an undecorated window can
> be unmaximized easily, that it works with all different types of
> windows, show me that it works with all possible existing options
> (maximization already has a decoration option, it should work in both
> case), then maybe, just maybe I'll consider the feature, assuming the
> code is correct.

The difference between fullscreen and the maximized-without-border-window
is that I still see the xfce4-panel when I maximize it.

I mapped F11 to maximization, so it is easy (for me) to unmaximize it.
(So yes, I want fullscreen, but with the panel - this is IMHO the quickest
and simplest way to do it).

>  All this belongs to bugzilla, as I said already.

I'll upload the patch, thanks.

- -
Srdjan Markovic

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