[Goodies-dev] Panel plugins HIG

Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at xfce.org
Tue May 29 06:12:32 CEST 2012

2012/5/28 Harald Judt <h.judt at gmx.at>:
> I've uploaded several patches to the bug tracker for demonstration purposes
> which do for the padding something very similar to what you proposed (you
> can quickly find them by using the search terms "use better border sizes").
> These solutions are certainly not ideal, though; Landry Breuil thinks a
> function replicated in every plugin is not the way to go, as this might lead
> to another copy-and-paste orgy. I agree with him in that such a function
> would be better located in a central place, or a better solution can be
> found.

Indeed it makes the code redundant, but it's the case with signals
handling like size-changed or orientation-changed, they almost all do
the same. I don't see an issue with the patches. Of course it could be
addressed directly inside libxfce4panel, but there is nothing settled

I don't remember which plugin right now, but there is at least one
plugin that adapts the size of the label through pango attributes in
case the panel is too small. So it's nothing new for plugins, but it
might just be overdue for padding. Padding should simply stick to one

In fact I'm not all thrilled by the idea of having small/medium/big
paddings. What will be missing next is the size of the composite
widgets (labels and progressbars).

And since all of this is a style issue, it might be addressed
differently... style properties can work.

> Harald
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> `Experience is the best teacher.'

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