Reply to Threads (was: [Xfce 4.12] Roadmap and Features)

Raphael Groner raphgro at
Mon May 7 14:25:48 CEST 2012

Landry Breuil landry.breuil at 
Mon May 7 12:54:34 CEST 2012
> I wont comment on the content itself (jannis already did show you were
> deeply wrong), but can you fix your email client to reply properly to
> existing threads instead of creating a new one each time you mail the
> list? This is annoying.

Hi Landry,

I am sorry about annoying you. It was not my intention and it is not.
Nobody is perfect and knows everything. In the hope to not have to
excuse for my general intention to help in Xfce development.

I work with both, digest and the web archive. Claws-mail is my
preferred mail client. I guess it's the In-Reply-To header that should
then be always set, also when replying to content taken from a digest


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