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Hi Harald,

> As for the features...

thanks for your feedback about missed features for a menu editor.
Please find my comments below. 
Alacarte is a good starting point in my opinion, what the design of a
menu editor belongs to. Unfortunately, Alacarte has a strong dependency
to the Gnome project and some of their libraries. So this is more like
a design or technical decidion to take here, not for even more features
what can be discussed after the port or fork has been done. Therefore,
I have to ask you for patience. What about starting your own project? :)

> Or perhaps "how it should look like"? I have only seen screenshots of 
> Alacarte, but those make it seem a bit uncomfortable to use. Maybe
> it's better to create something from scratch. So here are some ideas
> to support an efficient workflow:
> * Menus/Submenus and applications in one tree?-view (WYSIWYG) where
> the menus can be collapsed/expanded. I find the Alacarte approach
>    with the menu/item separation inflexible and confusing.

Good idea. So why then not implement an Edit mode to the existing menu
structure of Garcon? You know that the menu is visualized and organized
in a tree structure when you're using the applicationsmenu panel plugin
or the desktop context menu. I can imagine that it should be possible
to edit directly there.

> * Additionally, use an own area to the right or below the tree-view
>    that shows the properties of the menu/application (name, command,
>    path,...). One should not have to double-click the item in the
>    tree-view and have to deal with an extra dialog to modify or see
>    something. This would mean lots of tedious extra clicks.

> * Add a new item via the context menu or the main menu at the place of
>    the current selection.

That's a conflict in my opinion. You request to not have to open an
extra dialog to change some additional settings of one menu entry. But
you would like to see a context menu to create a new item. More
simpler: We add a "New" button somewhere in the already existing window,

> * Drag & Drop of single and multiple items. Alacarte seems to have
> only cumbersome "move up"/"move down" buttons? Connect move up/down to
>    shortcuts.

Shortcuts souldnt't be a problem at all and can be easily added by a
patch, afterwards. I know that you can add shortcuts (at least in Qt) to
every Action (Qt class: QAction) item.

> * Copy & paste existing entries.

Also a feature request, very nice to have.

> * Search for and filter applications. Maybe one could use
>    xfce4-appfinder to add new entries via drag & drop?

That's also an enhancement to what Alacarte is able to do, already.

- Raphael

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