Gtk3 for Xfce 4.12?

Mark Trompell mark at
Thu May 3 07:34:58 CEST 2012

On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 3:43 AM, Andrzej <ndrwrdck at> wrote:
> On 03/05/12 03:39, Peter de Ridder wrote:
>> But with Gtk3.4 the whole theming changed again. With the result that
>> everyone needs to fix their themes. (All the borders disappeared).
> This is rather worrying. If Gtk3 keeps changing that much between minor
> versions, it *might* be better to stay with Gtk2. At least we can reasonably
> expect that Gtk2 will be shipped for another couple of years, whereas Gtk3
> will always(?) have only one version available on the user's system.

I wouldn't count on gtk2 being shipped for ages, if Xfce is the only
reason to keep it.
Already now, I need to ship 2 versions of Webkit, one build against
gtk2 and one against gtk3. In future releases say 6 to 12 months from
now gtk2 support might be dropped from webkit, so I would
not only need the same library build twice, but already 2 different
releases of that library. Just picking Webkit as example, because it
is a pretty prominent one, but there are more examples to find. The
transition to gtk3 and loss of gtk2 compatibility is at way higher
speed than the gtk1 -> gtk2 change.
At one point distributions will have to decide what to ship and I
would expect that to happen not too far in the future.
We're already late with foresight, still staying with gnome2 as default desktop.

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