Learning Gtk

Pierre-Yves Luyten remudevreux at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 15:11:23 CET 2012


I'm trying to learn C / Glib / Gobject and thus, started writing a Gtk
library to have a note editor. First I just had in mind to have a
tomboy compliant format, and write a GNOME editor using tracker tags
to classify the notes. ( I still have to contact tomboy and gnote
mailing list for that but that's off topic)

I'm just wondering if I can plan to try a small Xfce app. The library
uses Gtk, GLib, Libxml2 => I do suppose an Xfce app has no issue with
that, unless there's an issue with Gobject? Could I just write a small
Gtk app using xconf to offer few settings? And should I use tracker
for XFCE too?

Thanks for any feedback, even if you just tell me the right place to
post this message !

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