Menu Editor

Nick Schermer nick at
Thu Jun 7 13:53:36 CEST 2012

On 2012-06-07 12:34, Raphael Groner wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> thanks for your clear statement about the requirements of source
> being accepted to the core repository.
> Personally, I wouldn't suggest to include an application like a menu
> editor to the core components. It would make more sense to have
> something like that in the goodies or at least in the official apps
> section of Xfce. I do not see any reason to extend the core with such
> nice-to-have things and it makes no sense.

The application will be small and parts need to be integrated in 
garcon, not the editor. So IMHO we can stuff this in xfce4-settings. 
This is probably the most required application so that kinda makes it 
important for core.

> Let's wait with Git till there is some rationality of a source base.
> Please believe me, I am working on it, also in case of coding. But it
> could take a long time, I am also only an hobby enthusiast with
> priorities on other more important things.

We don't need code yet, first a design of the interface and a scope of 
the functionality the application should have. After that we can start 
with code.

> Regards,
> Raphael

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