Menu Editor

David Schneider dnschneid at
Sun Jun 3 13:24:48 CEST 2012

> > - C++ extremely preferred (sorry, OOD/OOP is state of the art)
> > - Garcon as the backend for implementation of menu specification [1]
> > - Gtk for GUI, nearly Gtkmm then due to object orientation
> I agree on garcon but I don't think that it makes any sense to use
> another language than all the other components and add another gtkmm as
> another requirement.

That's no fun!  We should embrace the future, and if C++ is the future, then
so be it!  I hear it's catching on in some communities.

> > But honestly, I don't see any serious future for Alacarte+Xfce. 
> Then stop talking and start coding please!

Christoph, I think you have it wrong.  Raphael is one of a rare and
invaluable breed of "idea peoples," sharing the thoughts that we code monkeys
are too closed-minded to even dream of, and enlightening us with the
boundless possibilities of free code. You don't want to close the mind of an
idea person by forcing them into a box and make them create the code
themselves, do you?

> Probably. And for that very reason lxmed will never become part of LXDE.
> Same goes for lxadmin, which is written in python. LXDE is coded in C
> and Python or Java code will not go into the project. Period.
> > So why not port the lxmed code to CPP and Garcon/Gtkmm?
> Just like LXDE does not include other languages but C, Xfce will not do
> this either.
> You are free to do what you want, you can write a menu editor in
> brainfuck or whitespace, but you need to be aware of the fact that it
> probably wont be accepted as part if Xfce.

Alas, Raphael's brilliant idea is lost upon you.  Never fear, Raphael, I have
understood the true wisdom in your words, and have implemented that which you
have so insightfully designed!

Behold XfceMed (version 0.0.1~pre).  It is written in C++ and depends on
gtkmm (using Gtk3, as is the future!), garcon 0.2.0, and maybe something
else; I lost track.

It is based upon lxmed, and as such should be at LEAST as good as it.

Here's a snapshot of the code; it takes about 3 seconds to compile.
Just wget it, untar, and make.

Nick, if you'll set up the git repo I'll push right away, and this can become
the official Xfce menu editor, ending the issue for good.

Glad I could fill this dire need!


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