xfce4-session: xfwm4 removed from session, not started on login

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Thu Jul 26 11:12:50 CEST 2012

On jeu., 2012-07-26 at 09:32 +0200, Olivier Fourdan wrote:
>         Yes, but what if/when a bug arise that crashes the wm outside
>         the
>         session (wether in the wm or in the session manager) and the
>         wm is not
>         saved?
> Can you elaborate on how the WM could crash outside the session and
> would still be expected to be saved along with the session? 

I have no idea, which is exactly the issue.
> If session managed, the WM be automatically restarted in case of
> unexpected termination. If not restarted by the session manager then
> it's a bug in the session manager that needs to be fixed. 

> If outside the session, then it means it's not session managed and not
> a bug with the session manager anyway.

> The general rule is trying to hide bugs by adding complexity is
> usually not the right approach to the problems. 

That doesn't answer the question. The fact is that there is a bug in the
session manager in this case, which prevents the WM to be restarted.
Noone argues against the fact that it needs to be fixed.

I'm not pointing fingers, but the bug exists since months, and even with
the cause found, the fix still didn't made it to repository. I'm just
saying that having a *fallback* at startup in the session manager just
to be sure all the *required* programs are started might be a good idea.

I think there are very few *required* programs, in fact maybe only the
wm is really needed. It's painful to have a session started without a
panel, but it's easy to restart. Not having a wm at all is way more
painful, and I think it deserves a special treatment for the weird cases
which might happen very rarely but /do/ happen (we have an example

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