André Miranda andreldm1989 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 05:00:45 CET 2012

Em 12/01/2012 00:41, Matthew Brush escreveu:
> The user in me thinks this would be great but the developer in me 
> thinks this is too "magic" and would be nasty to implement and add 
> options for, riddled with corner cases (not that I've ever even looked 
> at the XFWM4 code base).
> I think the Win7/GNOME3 behaviour is fine as long as it can be 
> disabled/enabled at will, since obviously there's lots of people who 
> do like it.
You made your point, this timer thing it's kinda a minor (and some times 
unnoticeable) feature that adds hundreds of lines to code and might let 
the component slower or even broken.
As Ernesto proposed, it can turned on or off by the user. If the going 
to be on by default, it's up to you, Matthew...
The user in me thinks that this feature is useful, even tough 
irrelevant, but the devoleper in me thinks it's only worth to be 
included if its code is pretty simple and well implemented. I can't get 
the source right now, so Ernesto could you release it as .zip, tarball, 
plain-text or whatever?

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