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Thu Jan 12 03:52:10 CET 2012

On 01/11/2012 06:37 PM, Ernesto Acosta wrote:
> I understand. But not all use multiple monitors. At least there may be an option. Something like checking and unchecking an option in the preferences of xfwm. Thus, those who use multiple monitors, we can have this functionality if we want.

It's not even the multi-monitor part that bothers me, it's the fact that 
when I place a window at the edge of the screen, something I do very 
frequently, instead of snapping the window to the corner/edge, it takes 
the whole window hostage and maximizes along the corner, edge, or the 
entirely of the screen.

You can imagine how frustrating this can be when the window is a (what's 
supposed to be) 80x25 terminal or video player window, or even if you 
just want to stack multiple windows along the edge of the screen. The 
annoyingness is compounded if using a trackpad since the reduced 
accuracy makes it hard to get near the edge without activating the 
"software knows best" magic.

Anyway, I was just pointing out how insanely annoying at least one 
person finds this behaviour :)  If it can be easily disabled, it's not 
even an issue.

> I apologize for my english

Pfft, it's better than mine and I'm a native English speaker :)

Matthew Brush

> El mié, 11 ene, 2012, a las 06:34 , Matthew Brush escribió:
>> On 01/11/2012 06:18 PM, Ernesto Acosta wrote:
>>> I just apply the patch to organize xfwm when dragging windows to the edges of the screen, and I must say it works perfect.
>>> http://blog.desdelinux.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/efecto_xfwm.jpg
>>> I used the package xfwm4-tiling that is in the repositories of Archlinux AUR, as suggested some time ago Thomas Acaua Schertel. I liked it so much, I published an article on my blog about it [1].
>>> That is why I write to ask a favor, if possible, to include this functionality in Xfce 4.10. Please!! ^^
>>> Thanks a lot
>>> [1] http://blog.desdelinux.net/efecto-aerosnap-de-windows-o-grilla-de-compiz-en-xfce/
>> This behaviour drives me bananas in Win7 and GNOME3 and also doesn't
>> really work well with multiple monitors (at least in those
>> implementations).
>> Cheers,
>> Matthew Brush
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