Notifications as in Gnome Shell

Ernesto Acosta elavdeveloper at
Thu Feb 23 23:14:59 CET 2012

Greetings. I was playing around with Gnome Shell and there are only two things I love:

1 - The skin can be modified using CSS.
2 - Notifications in the bottom, with the option to respond to incoming messages with Empathy or Piding.

The Xfce team is working hard to launch Xfce 4.10 to early next month. But I have a question: Xfce might have similar notifications in future versions?

I do not mean all notifications, xfce4-notify it is great just as it is. I mean a plugin that allows to answer messages from Pidgin or Empathy without the need to open the messages or friends list.

  Saludos: Ernesto Acosta

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