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Mark Trompell mark at
Sun Feb 19 12:54:41 CET 2012

On Sa., 18. Feb. 2012 11:00:44 CET, Matthew Brush <mbrush at> wrote:

> Hi,
> We should merge `matt/gtksourceview` into `master` of Mousepad 
> repository,
> I think at least a handful of people have been testing it with good 
> results so it's probably pretty safe to merge it. It would be best if 
> someone could review the Autotools changes since I'm not very familiar 
> with the Xfce-specific parts of this. I guess it would get even 
> more/better testing if the re-write was in the `master` branch.
> IIRC, the TODO list includes:
>       - Better encoding support
>       - Port to use GIO opening/saving
>       - anything else?
> Any thoughts/opinions/reviews/objections/comments?

I'm using it for a while now and it looks pretty solid.
Compared to current master it is a great improvement that printing works again. Not to talk about the other goodies.
I would have already pushed a package for gtesting into our repository, if your branch would have translations. Moving it to master would provide that quickly.

> Cheers,
> Matthew Brush

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