Memleak in Terminal

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Tue Aug 28 09:44:08 CEST 2012

Le 28 août 2012 09:30, "Natanael Copa" <ncopa at> a écrit :
> Hi,
> It seems that there are a memleak sin either Terminal or one of the
> dependencies. When opening and closing terminals the memory usage
> slowly goes up. After a few weeks here the Terminal process was over
> 1GB.
> I ran it in valgrind for a few days but I need help pinpointing where
> the leak is. I though starting from top, in xfce terminal, was a good
> start.
> A few observations:
> * It seems that sometimes when a new Terminal is opened, the memory
>   usage increases. When a Terminal is closed, the memory is never
>   returned.
> * It does not seem to happen when opening a new tab and close it.
> * It does not seem to happen when only running a Terminal without
>   opening new ones.

Given that the 'big' leaks are in cairo patterns creation that might be bug
8521. Check if it happens with a gtk theme not from gtk-xfce-engine or with
a fixed gtk-xfce-engine (see last commit to it)

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