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Wed Aug 8 20:00:50 CEST 2012

my name is Jürgen Hamel and I am the creator and developer of the 
C.U.O.N. Project (
Since some years I using the xfce Desktop, but in my project was some 
gnome bindings. Last Year I begun to remove all gnome bindings. C.U.O.N. 
is programmed in python and GTK, just porting it to GTK3.

Now to my concern:
I think about to create a cuon setup in that way, that cuon is working 
as a PIM for XFCE.

Simplified it shall be 3 steps:

1) to create a special setup routine to install a cuon-server for a very 
simply environment with 1 client and 1 user (let us call it 
cuon-home-server).At this time only companies are working with cuon.

2) in the client (cuon-home-client) mostly all things are disabled and 
invisible, only the Addresses with partners, scheduling and certainly 
the DMS (Document Management System) are working. Perhaps I need some 
special GUI masks for that.

3) At last a special xfce mode is programming to integrate it better in 

There exists also a small Android Client for cuon, so the user has 
access to all the data , like a mini cloud. The cuon-server transform 
the documents from the DMS to PDF and send them to the Android client.
Certainly phone and email is working well with that.

Please, tell me if you like this idea,

Jürgen Hamel

Cyrus-Computer GmbH Linux Server Support Jürgen Hamel
Cuon - Warenwirtschaft mit Linux
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