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Harald Judt h.judt at
Wed Sep 28 17:16:07 CEST 2011

Am 28.09.2011 16:38, schrieb Jannis Pohlmann:
> Thunar updates the dialog whenever a certain small percentage of the
> total transfer amount has been copied or moved since the previous
> update. I felt like such a time frame was necessary to not cause 50% of
> CPU usage (caused by updating the dialog whenever a few bytes have been
> transfered) when running multiple operations at the same time. With
> very slow drives or network connections this will of course make
> the dialog feel less responsive.
>    - Jannis

That gave me an idea: What about adjusting that time frame according to 
the amount of operations? That is, use a dynamic update interval instead 
of a pre-defined, fixed one?


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