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Sat Oct 15 04:31:52 CEST 2011

I dont like having thousands of windows opened for file browsing, usually I
find the file I want and close Thunar. Having multiple tabs seems to
complicate something that is suppposed to be a one-time thing
Em 14/10/2011 22:15, "dE ." <de.techno at> escreveu:

> On 10/15/11 04:13, Matt x wrote:
>> dE .,
>>   What changes do you think xfce needs to become "mainstream", "easy to
>> use", and "feature rich"?  It already seems easy to use to me; no harder or
>> easier than Gnome2 was.  It already has almost all the features I want (or
>> will in 4.10) except the non-essential just-for-looks ones.
>> -Matt
>> On 10/14/2011 12:55 PM, dE . wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> Hello devs, great job with the DE. I'd been personally used the DE for a
>>> year and now I'm thinking of replacing Gnome with it for deployment.
>>> First I'd like to write what I think people think about xfce after Gnome
>>> 3 arrived. People don't see Xfce as a light weight DE anymore, they see
>>> it as a mainstream DE, a replacement of Gnome 2 which I think has
>>> started to deprecate (someday it will); the lightweight section has been
>>> replaced with lxde; Even Linus announced, he's quitting Gnome in favor
>>> of Xfce.
>>> So I suggest the Xfce project should change it's goal towards being a
>>> lightweight DE to a mainstream DE -- i.e. more feature rich but it's
>>> main objective should be being user friendly and retaining the classic
>>> desktop to avoid migration cost and retraining. At this time, this's
>>> what people expect from Xfce. Around release of Gnome 3, searches for
>>> xfce has been increasing -
>>> People searching for gnome and xfce together means they're trying to
>>> migrate -
>>> <**q=xfce+gnome&ctab=0&geo=all&**date=all<>
>>> >
>>> It'll continue to increase but only if xfce does what people expect it
>>> to do -- be the mainstream.
>>> My main question was -- what about GTK 3 migration? It has to be done
>>> someday.
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> Thunar search integration and tabbed browsing is something I missed to
> start off.
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