Mousepad Improvements

Matthew Brush mbrush at
Sat Oct 1 11:31:44 CEST 2011

On 11-10-01 02:04 AM, Nick Schermer wrote:
> Syntax highlighting was never in the scope of Mousepad, there are tons
> of editors that do that way better then Mousepad can ever do. The

Ok, though there are tons of editors that do everything else Mousepad 
does too.  Syntax highlighting is useful for editing configuration 
files, shell scripts, etc. and it's super easy to add with 
GtkSourceView, needing very small changes to existing GtkTextView code.

> nick_0_3 branch shows that Mousepad will be in the future, but it need
> to be ported to gio for file handling.

Heh, I just found that branch a little while ago.  The code looks much 
better than the original, but I wonder if it's not spanning into Gedit 
territory a bit, since Gedit from stock is pretty much just a basic 
tabbed GTK+ text editor.  It might be easier to just take Gedit and 
change out the GtkSourceView for a GtkTextView and remove the other 
extra bits that aren't wanted.

Anyway, I will cease working on this and focus my efforts elsewhere. 
Thanks for the info.

Matthew Brush

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