Question about the WNCK dependency (pager)

Andrzej ndrwrdck at
Mon Nov 28 11:07:49 CET 2011

On 11/28/2011 06:26 PM, Nick Schermer wrote:
>> - stop the pager setting the workspace layout,
> +1, year ago I already complained about that in the Gnome bug tracker,
> since I think this is a window manager setting; they disagreed.

I also got impression that libwnck wouldn't accept such change. For some 
reason they want to treat the workspace settings as a "master" pager 

Note that the EWMH spec allows vertical orientation of the workspace 
layout along with different starting corners. However, just because 
something is allowed doesn't necessarily mean we should do it.

>> - move the workspace layout settings to the workspace settings dialog (where
>> IMHO it belongs),
> +1, only involves the rows property right?

We could potentially add vertical orientation and starting corner 
settings but:
1. I don't think there is any real use for it (if someone wants a 
vertical orientation he/she can set the number of rows == to number of 
2. Setting vertical orientation and starting corner is not supported by 
the current libwnck (I've just submitted patches).
3. We would probably have to fix xfwm to support vertical orientation. 
This might be a good thing to do anyway as, since these options are now 
legal, workspace settings could be changed externally. Currently 
"left/right/upper/bottom workspace" shortcuts seem to be broken e.g in 
vertical layout of workspaces.

I only need the following:
- no of rows property in the workspace layout,
- "rotation" property in the pager (set in the panel settings dialog),
- bugfixes.

>> Do you think this is a good thing to do? Or should we rather stick to the
>> upstream design where the pager _is_ the workspace?
> No that design splits the configuration settings. Pager is
> display-only; xfwm4 set the properties (well xfce4-settings does
> that..).

OK, then. That's what I'll do.


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