Removal of the location button

Matt x edelstahl at
Tue Nov 8 12:27:46 CET 2011

> Not sure how it will be arranged yet. Probably something like this:
>    Parent
>    Back
>    Forward
>    ---
>    Home
>    Desktop
>    Trash
>    ---
>    Bookmarks in the order they show up in the shortcuts side pane
> We've been thinking about removing the XDG user dirs entirely and
> instead allow people to define all of their desired items on their own.
> IMHO, XDG user dirs don't provide a good user experience.

That sounds good to me.  I would like Filesystem on the menu as well, 
but it wouldn't be a big deal for me to add a shortcut for that.  I 
agree with removing the XDG user directories.

>    - Jannis
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