Finding components within Xfce: terminal, orca, ...

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Tue Nov 8 04:03:53 CET 2011

On Mon, 7 Nov 2011 20:38:38 -0500
Sean Normoyle <stn825 at> wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I'm working with a couple other classmates (we're seniors at Western
> New England in Heidi Ellis' class) on a project concerning reading
> text from the terminal aloud by interacting with Orca. We're really
> early on in this endeavor, so right now we are just looking through
> the repositories in an attempt to locate the components that we plan
> on working with. Namely, there are 4 that we have thought of but any
> advice at all regarding the project or tips would be greatly
> appreciated.
> The components we are looking for are:
> - The terminal, in order to retrieve text such as input and output

Yep, this one obviously makes sense. It can be retrieved from

> - The accessibility window, in order to add an option to turn our
> service on/off

Yes, that would be the
repository and in particular the following source folders:

For the dialog itself: 

If you need to apply and manage your settings at startup or while the
session is already running, you can do that in the xfsettingsd daemon,
the source code being located here:

The accessibility.{c,h} files are about applying and managing the
options provided by the accessibility dialog. 

> - Keyboard interaction, in order to activate keyboard shortcuts

If you want to make one or more shortcuts available by default, you can
add them to a file in the libxfce4ui repository (yes, this one is a bit
of an awkward place but still...):

These are the shortcuts we install by default.

> Basically we are trying to figure out which modules of Xfce we need to
> worry about working with as far as programming, resources, etc. Any
> help at all is really appreciated!

The above might already be all you need. 

  - Jannis

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