Patch for "Open Terminal Here" keyboard shortcut

Jogy Antony simula67 at
Mon Nov 7 18:39:10 CET 2011

>Not like this, no. I'm reluctant to hard code terminal-related into
>Thunar. Regular users (whatever that is in these diverse times) should
>not be bothered with things like that.

Yes. This did occur to me. I was thinking along the lines of providing a
shell script that detects at run time the correct process to execute.
This patch just does nothing for example when the 'exo-terminal'
command does not exist. But if you can add it to the "File" menu that
would be better.

In the meantime, I shall just use my patch. Just modified it according to the

>What we could do, however, is to make custom actions like "Open in
>terminal" appear in the "File" menu of the window. Right now, the
>"File" menu is very basic, but all items that show up there can
>automatically be assigned custom shortcuts.
>That way we'd avoid re-implementing the spawn code PLUS we'd also make
>custom actions available for the current directory in all situations
>(unlike at the moment, where users have no real way to get to the
>context menu when using the details view, see e.g. bug #3386).
>Does that sound fair?

Yes. Thank you for looking into this and may I say congratulations on producing
such a  great product! Thunar is totally awesome :)

>“Open terminal here” function already exist. You should be able to hook
>there to add a shortcut. But the first thing to do would be to open a
>bug report on anyway.

You cannot add the shortcut. The bug report already exists.

> BTW, and definitely meant as a sideblow: IIRC this was solved in PCManFM a
> long time ago.

Yes. I was using PCManFM for that feature alone until it started segfaulting in
opening preferences window and on right clicking. The project is in complete
rewrite IIRC.

Thanks & Regards
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