Mouse and touchpad settings dialog layout

Jari Rahkonen jari.rahkonen at
Sun May 22 18:14:06 CEST 2011

22.05.2011 17:51, Jannis Pohlmann kirjoitti:
> On Sun, 22 May 2011 14:23:07 +0200
> Nick Schermer<nickschermer at>  wrote:
>> Folks,
>> I've written most of the xfsettingsd code [1] to handle device
>> properties and other stuff, time to start the discussion what we want
>> to show in the interface.
>> Here's my initial idea:
>> Obviously the tabs of touchpad (synaptics) and tablet (wacom) hide
>> when the selected device is not of that type. There are a lot of
>> different device settings like working area and other advanced stuff,
>> however xfsettingsd can handle this so we can always provide a
>> property editor (or use xfconf-query) for this and not show it in the
>> general interface.
>> So the question is, what settings do we want in the interface? String
>> changes?
> Looks great to me. I would however prefer if the "Disable this device"
> becomes "Enable this device" (enabled by default). Also, if disabled,
> the entire notebook section with General/Touchpad/Tablet should be
> grayed out.
> The rest I like very much.
>    - Jannis

Hi Nick,

The tablet "pressure feel" labels seem a bit ambiguous to me. How about 
"Eraser/Tip sensitivity" instead. Or did I misunderstand the function of 
these sliders and thus prove my point? :) In any case, maybe rearrange 
the options so that Tip comes before Eraser. Not important but seems 
logical to me.

Also, shouldn't the "Restore to Defaults" button apply to settings 
outside the General tab as well? If it should or indeed already does, it 
should probably be moved out of the notebook. Or did you intend to have 
a separate button on every tab?

On the touchpad tab, what does "Enable mouse clicks with touchpad" mean? 
Tap to click? I'd try to think of another way to put this, possibly 
without the word "mouse".

A simple UI to set the tablet working area would be nice I guess (We've 
got 16:10 screens and a 4:3 Wacom Intuos2 tablet), but I might very well 
be the only one using it. Maybe Ubuntu Studio would like one as well?

Nitpicks aside, the mockup seems nice and usable.

- Jari

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