xfce_panel_plugin_add_action_widget and hbox

Mark Trompell mark at foresightlinux.org
Thu Jul 14 08:21:22 CEST 2011

I rewrote my xfce4-indicator-plugin to use a hbox with buttons instead
of a menubar, to handle panel transparancy.
Now if I xfce_panel_plugin_add_action_widget(plugin, hbox) I don't get
the context menu. Probably because the hbox doesn't receive the
button_press event.
if I add each button instead of the hbox, I get the contextmenu, but
moving the plugin from that menu doesn't work, because the panel tries
to move the buttons instead of the plugin now.
Any hint how to handle that?


Mark Trompell

Foresight Linux Xfce Edition
Cause your desktop should be freaking cool
(and Xfce)

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