Blocking bugs for Xfce-oriented distros

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Thu Jan 27 15:50:52 CET 2011

On Thu, 27 Jan 2011 15:19:34 +0100 (CET)
jp.guillemin at wrote:

> Quid answer (I'm at work) : I'm thinking about the xfdesktop
> launchers (several bugs) , 

I have already fixed a few of them. The only one I am aware of now is
that renaming works differently than in previous versions of Thunar
based on ThunarVFS.

> and also I noticed that Thunar is
> segfaulting very often since I upgraded to latest GIT (2 days ago).

Can you try to debug this and get me a backtrace? That's about the only
way I can fix it.

> Also a suggestion : waiting for the XFCE documentation to be ready,
> could "help" buttons in applications be temporary mapped to the XFCE
> wiki, or any public source of support ? (just an idea...). For now
> all XFCE apps launch a deprecated web page when you hit the help
> button...

Or hide the help buttons maybe.

  - Jannis

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