Blocking bugs for Xfce-oriented distros

Guido Berhoerster gber at
Thu Jan 27 16:18:09 CET 2011


openSUSE Factory already includes Xfce 4.8, we will enter the
prerelease phase at the end of next week and the planned release
date is March 10th.

The biggest issue are the panel plugins at the moment, I have
been able to get most of them to work by compiling them against
libxfcegui4 and thunar-vfs, however there are a few exceptions:

* cpugraph: crashes on entering prefereces dialog
* governor: exits with exit status 4
* smartbookmark: crashes on start
* weather: exits with exit status 1 (non-applying patch at
* timer: crashes on start
* xmms: crashes on start
* battery: settings have no effect

So porting these plugins with greater priority would be

In addition to the mentioned trash problem I would suggest
prioritizing the following bugs:

Bug 7148 - Trash doesn't catch another volume's .Trash
Bug 7125 - xfce4-mixer doesn't work properly on Xfce4.8
Bug 7128 - Thunar crash when creating empty file names "%S" or "%s"
Bug 7057 - Icons disappear from notification area
Bug 7155 - renaming launcher destroys the launcher

xfce4-panel has recieved a lot of fixes since 4.8.0 a new stable
point release would be helpful.

Finally, the removal of autotools libexecdir usage for helper
executables (except panel plugins) presents a problem for
multiarch packages on openSUSE and generally makes life harder
for packagers as I've outlined in

Guido Berhoerster

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