Some scrollwheel-related patches for 4.8

Erik-Jan ej.lfs at
Fri Jan 21 23:21:01 CET 2011


Congratulations (and celebrations) on the release of 4.8!

I've updated my invert-workspaces-scroll-direction patches for the new 
One patch for xfce4-panel (scrolling on the pager), and one for xfwm4 
(scrolling on the background).
You can find them here:

And I've made a new patch. It prevents raising an unfocused window when 
you only scroll on it. Using any other mouse button still raises the window.

The functionality of these patches have been discussed (years) before, 
see Bugzilla. Inclusion in mainline is not really a goal. For me they 
are just useful, and sharing the code maybe helps someone else as well.


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