Newbie Working On Xfce-Panel Documentation

S. Miller shara.miller at
Fri Feb 25 11:11:38 CET 2011

Yes, I am working on the 4.8 panel. Taking screenshots with the
default xfce theme (gtk + xfwm) as I go along.

I'm done revising two sections already (Getting Started and
Preferences) and all I have left to do is validate the XML. Would I be
in the clear to create those patches for each of those sections and
post them on Bugzilla once I'm done with that? Also, should I just
hold off on working on the theming section until you guide me though
the stylings?

Just want to make sure I submit / work on / prepare the right things. Thanks. :)


On Fri Feb 25 at 08:52 PM, Nick Schermer (nickschermer at wrote:
>Just to be sure, you are working on manual pages for the 4.8 panel?
>It might be wise to open a bug when you have one of the manual
>sections ready so I can point you to all the hidden properties and
>style settings in each part of the panel and we can also discuss the
>The Theming part is also quite complicated because it should explain
>the different classnames and widget names as well, so people and theme
>writers can created detailed gtkrc-2.0 files, but I'll explain all
>That said, great to see someone is working on this.

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