Share xfce4-session and xfce4-power-manager code

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Sun Feb 20 15:06:27 CET 2011

On Wed, 16 Feb 2011 14:55:25 +0100
Ali Abdallah <aliov at> wrote:

> Ok cool, i'll release the version that i'm currently preparing, after 
> that i'll be working to have a separate dbus session service (part of 
> xfpm) that can be used by xfpm and xfce4-session.

I agree with Nick that this probably is the best option we have. 

One note though: I might have missed something in the discussion but
the separate service you are talking about doesn't have to be a
separate app, does it? You could simply make xfce4-power-manager a
simple power management service that runs in the background and
provides suspend/hibernate/shutdown/reboot/(logout?) methods (with
error reporting) to other applications like the session manager over

> For upower and polkit, is these are going to be Xfce dependencies ?
> for the moment i'm not using them in xfpm, but maybe as you said we
> should think about using them instead of supporting lot of dbus-glib
> code...

Depends on how complex the interaction with upower and PolicyKit is.
dbus-binding-tool is able to generate stubs for calling methods on
D-Bus proxy objects without too much extra code, so maybe that would be

  - Jannis

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