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2011/2/10 Jérôme Guelfucci <jeromeg at xfce.org>

>  Hello,
> I was of course talking about voice-only, sorry for the confusion. I just
> got all rights on the channel thanks to the Freenode staff and gave op
> permissions to Jannis and Nick to ease the maintenance of the channel.
> I propose to test voice only removal for a few days, if the channel turns
> into chaos, I can set it back. At the same time, I could give op rights to
> the regulars so that they can enforce peace if needed.
> Anyone against that?

I'm very much a proponent of this change (in fact, I've proposed it myself
in the past when I was more involved with Xubuntu and thus Xfce). I imagine
what will happen though is that it'll take more than a few days before
you'll start to see people float in and start off-topic discussion or ask
for support. However, from my experience with Ubuntu and our devel channel
(#ubuntu-devel) asking people to take the discussion elsewhere (ie. 'Hi,
sorry this is the development channel. Please see #xfce for support') is
generally pretty effective. For when it isn't effective, there is always the
option to ban or mute (the latter being sort of the reverse of the current
setup - everyone can read the discussion but those muted can't contribute).


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