Final periode of the planning phase for 4.10

Porcelain Mouse porcelain_mouse at
Tue Feb 8 20:34:03 CET 2011

Hello Dev Team,

I hope this a good time to mention environment sounds and xkbbell.  The 
Fedora folks have lead me to believe they are waiting for XFCE to address 
this issue.  So, that is why I'm mentioning it, here.

AFAIK, XFCE isn't cluttered with environment sounds for buttons clicks and 
window actions.  That suits me just fine.  But, on distributions with 
PulseAudio, which doesn't support xkbbell (in the recommended 
configuration), using XFCE results in lost xkbbell events.

I'm not requesting any particular solution, but I would like to understand 
how the XFCE Dev Team would prefer to address this issue.  I'm also 
willing to help work on this, if that's useful.


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