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Hi Matthew,

I'm the xfce4-volumed maintainer. The problem of maintaining GStreamer apps
is when distributions change their settings, do some nasty setups, or when
GStreamer changes, and then people report bugs to you but they don't really
know what's going on, neither do you, and it's sometimes hard to know if
the problem is hardware, libraries, or your code. Finding causes for bugs
and fixing them thus can take a lot of time, but not that much.

Well, the fact that I don't even maintain xfce4-volumed properly unless
shout at repeatedly also means that you still need to have some free time
for bug triaging and coding from times to times. Also, if you're interested
in the mixer, it'd be very helpful for me if you could work on merging both
apps, since they share a bunch of code (written by Jannis) and should work
with one another. I had plans to do this around March, actually, if I don't
run out of time at that moment... Basically we had a patch (it's somewhere
on one of my PCs or on bugzilla) that merged xfconf settings for both apps,
and my app could directly use xfce4-mixer's audio code instead of having a
copy of it...( I'm not even sure what I'm saying is right because it's been
so long I worked on xfce4-volumed... )

2011/12/9 Matthew Brush <mbrush at>

> On 12/08/2011 02:39 PM, Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
>> I am looking for a new maintainer for some of the open source projects
>> I started over the last couple of years. Due to taking a full-time
>> position as a software engineer, I will have less spare time to hack in
>> the near future than I had while being a student. I will continue
>> contributing to Xfce but I would like to focus on core development
>> (thunar, tumbler, garcon etc.).
> [...]
>  xfce4-mixer is particularly interesting, I think. It’s code base is of
>> medium size and it lacks integration with notification daemons, key
>> bindings for muting and altering the volume of a selected channel.
>> Also, the per-channel widgets could be arranged in better ways than
>> they are right now. PulseAudio support has been requested several times
>> but that is an entirely different story. xfce4-mixer is mainly intended
>> as a mixer for GStreamer. A PulseAudio mixer would better be written
>> from scratch. But if anyone is up for the task - why not!
> Hi,
> I'm interested in xfce4-mixer since I like working with multimedia
> hardware interfaces/libraries and I also like programming with the "G"
> libraries (including GStreamer).
> To be honest though, I have no idea how much work is involved in
> maintaining it and I fear I might not have enough time to do so properly.
>  Can you elaborate on the type and quantity of work you spend (or feel
> should be spent) in maintaining it besides the tasks you mentioned needed
> attention?
> Cheers,
> Matthew Brush

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