can't open in glade

Matthew Brush mbrush at
Tue Dec 6 02:54:29 CET 2011

On 12/05/2011 05:18 PM, Sean Doherty wrote:
> I'm trying to open located in
> xfce4-settings/dialog in glade and when I open it, it gives me an error
> saying:
> /
> Failed to load
> /home/voiceboxx/xfce/xfce4-settings/dialogs/accessibility-settings/
> The following required catalogs are unavailable: libxfce4ui/
> Does anyone know of a solution to resolve this error?
> Any help would be appreciated!

You need to install `libxfce4ui` and ensure it's configured to enable 
the Glade catalogs (./configure --enable-gladeui)

You'll need at least the following dependencies to build it though:
   - xdt-autogen (in xfce4-dev-tools[1])
   - libxfconf (in xfconf)
   - dbus-glib-1 (probably from or
   - libxfce4util

I gave up after the `dbus-glib-1` dependency, so there might be more. 
Note that they need to be *bleeding edge* versions if you're getting 
from Git, since I had a fairly recent clone of these and I'm running an 
updated Debian Wheezy and I still didn't have new enough versions of 

If you get `libxfce4ui` (and maybe the -dev/-devel package for it?) from 
your package manager it would be a lot easier if you aren't planning on 
hacking on it.

Matthew Brush

[1] The `` script in `xfce4-dev-tools` seems broken, so you 
might need to just use `autoreconf -vfi` for that one.

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